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Why The Office Snack Craze?

A fully stocked kitchen has become the latest expected amenity in every office. Office snacks provide more than carbs and empty wrappers. Increased efficiency, collaboration, culture, and loyalty are but a few benefits of quality free snacks.

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Snacks As A Service (SaaS)

The term SaaS has long been misinterpreted - until now. Eatables formally informs the world of this grave mistake and the true meaning of the SaaS acronym: Snacks as a Service.

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Can Snacks Help Build A Good Company Culture?

Company culture is a popular buzzword in today's business world - and for good reason. Can office snacks be a part of creating and sustaining a good culture? We think so! Find out why here...

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Blueberries - The Not-So-New Super Fruit

Sometimes the claims of super fruits can get out of hand. Night vision, child bearing, and scurvy protection are some of the claims of the common blueberry. Still one blueberry claim stands true: high nutrients and low calories.

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Our Favorite Healthy Snacks

When it comes to snacking, you have so many options that it can be overwhelming. We've put together this helpful guide to our favorite healthy office snacks so you can choose crowd-pleasers that also boost energy and focus.

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