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13 Best Office Meeting Snacks

Components of the Perfect Office Meeting Snack

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Office meeting outcomes reach their max potential of productivity when the participants are engaged, attentive, and (at the very least) awake. Common ‘solutions’ are sugary sweets or caffeinated brews that ultimately make you sluggish and groggy. The best managers know that healthy snacks will ensure the meeting’s takeaways stick to the brain and not to the arteries. 

Snacks can quickly become the meeting’s biggest distraction if not approached the right way, so here are some quick tips to keep in mind when planning the best office meeting snacks:

  • Avoid hot food that will get cold and unappetizing. 
  • Low odor foods generally play nice with others. That beloved bacon aroma doesn’t always sit well with everyone. 
  • Quiet food is better than crunchy food. Reconsider those tortilla chips.
  • Choose visually appetizing food that will leave an impression. Colorful counts! 
  • Easy-to-eat foods keep the focus on the discussion. If it requires a fork and knife, it's probably too much. 

Morning Meeting Energy-Packed Snacks

Many nutritionists identify two key components as the pillars of a balanced, energizing breakfast: protein and carbohydrates. Breakfast is the most important and most skipped meal of the day; anticipate that many of your morning meeting attendees haven’t fueled up on those daily essentials. Here are some of our favorite morning meeting snack ideas that will help your employees get off to a good start:

  1. Parfait Bar – Plain or vanilla yogurt with assorted toppings like fresh/dried fruits, nuts, seeds, granola, and honey.Parfait - bowl of yogurt, granola, and fresh berries
  2. Eggs – If your office has a kitchen or wants to cater hot foods, scrambled eggs are a great protein option. But for all intents and purposes, hard-boiled eggs are a great grab-and-go option at meetings.
  3. Fruit – Mix it up from the classic apples, bananas, and oranges and incorporate some known superfoods such as blueberries, grapefruit, pomegranate, and cranberries. (Dried fruits make for great finger-foods)
  4. Avocado – Jam-packed with vitamins, protein, and healthy fats, pair mashed avocado (for easy-spread-ability) with a slice of crusty bread, an English muffin, or a rice cake. Top with salt, pepper, and sliced tomato.
  5. Meats & Cheese – Ham and salami hit those mild and spicy flavors, while a combination of soft and sharp cheeses like brie and aged cheddar bring the funk. Have toothpicks on hand for meeting-goers' convenience.
  6. Pastry – Croissants, scones, and bran muffins (especially those containing fruits and nuts) can provide the carbs needed to keep the meeting’s energy high. Pair with no-sugar-added fruit preserves or nut butters.
  7. Charcuterie – Vibrant displays can make all the difference. Getting all the above on a beautiful charcuterie will be memorable and leave a positive impression.Charcuterie board with meats, cheeses, crackers, berries, and spreads

Lunch Meeting Brain Foods

While morning meeting snacks are usually chosen to amplify energy and alertness, lunch meeting snacks can be more discretionary. First, you'll want to check whether the meeting-goers are under the impression that the food is intended to replace a meal or be the cherry on top of the lunch they just came back from. Here are some meal-feel finger foods and some sweet and salty snack ideas.Outline of human head with grains, vegetables, and other food where the brain would be

  1. Wraps & Sandwiches - If a meeting is scheduled during a mealtime, make sure to include the essentials like meat, cheese, and veggies. Cold cut sandwiches with optional toppings are an easy way to let the crowd have it their way. If build-your-own is too much hassle, premade wraps are a simple substitute that keeps the line moving. 
  2. Chocolate - Save the messy chocolate fountain for the holiday office party. Instead, offer sweet snacks that are more office-friendly such as chocolate covered raisins, cranberries, or almonds. Boost the morale in your meeting; studies show that chocolate can improve overall mood.
  3. Jerky - Jerky is an exciting way to get lean protein on the table in a form that doesn’t become more and more unappetizing the longer it sits out. It’s always kept near the register because it’s an impulse buy - an indulgence you didn’t remember you needed in your life until you see it. It's important to be sensitive to peoples’ dietary needs. If members of your team are vegetarian or vegan, you may want to refrain from having jerky in an office meeting or provide them with a tasty alternative.
  4. Trail Mix - Balance salty and sweet with a trail mix of cashews, almonds, dried apricots, dried blueberries, and chocolate covered raisins. The perfect snack to satisfy those sweet and salty cravings. There are all kinds of different trail mixes. Experiment with different kinds to find one your team loves!Trail mix combination of nuts, chocolate, and dried fruit
  5. Vegetables - High in fiber, vegetables like carrots, bell peppers, and celery make for a more filling snack and pair well with a variety of dips. Consider blanched or pickled vegetables for a quieter bite. 
  6. Hummus - Pair with sliced cucumber, bell peppers, or pita. The typical ranch dips can get boring and dairy doesn’t get the job done for every diet. Hummus is high in plant-based protein commonly available in spicy, nutty, or roasted flavors. 

Dietary Restrictions

In their most basic state, these items should meet the criteria of most restrictive diets. Processed foods often include additives and should be researched individually.


Gluten is a protein found in grains that can cause an upset stomach, bloating, and other symptoms among those with gluten intolerances or sensitivities. As a general rule of thumb, if a food is made with flour, it contains the gluten protein. Here are some gluten-free snack ideas:

  • Parfait Bar
  • Eggs
  • Fresh & Dried Fruits
  • Avocado (with rice cake)
  • Meats & Cheese
  • Lettuce Wraps
  • Chocolate
  • Jerky
  • Trail Mix
  • Vegetables
  • Hummus


A vegan diet is a diet that refrains from consumption of any animal-derived foods such as meat, milk, eggs, butter, etc. 

  • Granola
  • Nuts & Seeds
  • Fresh & Dried Fruits
  • Avocado
  • Vegan breads
  • Veggie Wraps
  • Vegan Chocolate
  • Trail Mix
  • Vegetables
  • Hummus


A vegetarian diet is similar to a vegan diet in the sense that it refrains from eating meat, fish, and poultry, but has allowances for other animal products such as milk and eggs. This list for vegetarian snacks is a couple ideas in addition to all of those mentioned under the vegan list above.

  • Yogurt
  • Eggs
  • Cheese
  • *All of the snacks listed under “vegan.”


Also known as the “caveman diet”, the paleo diet is a popular diet that is largely based off of (what the diet’s creators presume) ancestors of the human species from the paleolithic era would have been able to hunt and gather. The diet emphasizes whole foods, lean meats, and nuts.

  • Nuts & Seeds
  • Eggs
  • Fresh & Dried Fruits
  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Grass-Fed Meats/Jerky
  • Lettuce Wraps


The Ketogenic diet is a diet high in fats and low in carbs. It sends the body into a state of ketosis, where the body is fueled by burning fats as opposed to sugars. Keto snacks should keep sugars and carbs to nearly zero.

  • Plain, full-fat yogurts
  • Eggs
  • Berries
  • Avocado (no bread)
  • Meats & Cheese
  • Lettuce Wraps
  • Very Dark Chocolates
  • Jerky
  • Trail Mix
  • Low-carb Vegetables


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