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Blueberries - The Not-So-New Super Fruit

The Crazy Claims of the Original Super Fruit: Blueberries

It seems that every year a new superfruit hits the market. Problem is, after a while, it starts to feel faddish. But whether it's a marketing ploy or not, each new super fruit discovery is linked with big claims. This one cures Alzheimer's. This one does away with your runny nose. This one fixes your gall bladder. Though there are tons of food fads that come and go each year, there's one superfruit that has withstood the test of time - the blueberry.

Native Americans made tea from blueberry juice - thinking the calyx (5-pointed star thing) at the top was a sign/gift from the gods.

blueberry calyx

Native Americans also made tea from blueberry roots, believing it would ease the pain of giving birth.

Russian blueberry juice was used to cure digestive problems.

Civil War soldiers drank blueberry juice to prevent and calm the effects of scurvy.

WWII pilots even ate blueberries to improve their night vision!

In the '90s, research caught up with what many cultures already knew, and proved the high antioxidant content of blueberries. A few years later, the Chicago Tribune published an article titled "Blueberries Keep Rat Brains Sharp," which touted the new discovery that blueberries improved the memory of older rats.

The bottom line is this: Blueberries are high in nutrients and low in calories.

So whether you're snacking on blueberries in your cereal, granola, smoothie, pie, or bed - you're doing your body right.

And if you're not eating blueberries for their latest healing benefits, snack on them for their high nutrients and low calories.

Here's to blueberries - the not-so-new super fruit.


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