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Can Snacks Help Build A Good Company Culture?

Turns Out, It’s About More Than Just Healthy Snacks For Work

Snacks at an office

There are a lot of buzzwords floating around these days, and it seems like a new one appears at least once a month. Only a few stand the test of time. And of those, everyone has favorites.


Ours, unsurprisingly, happen to be “office snacks” and “company culture.”


It seems like just about every business is focused on creating and keeping a healthy culture - and rightfully so! In many cases, culture can make the difference between profit and loss, between ethical behavior and scandals that might cost the company millions. 


So what exactly is a company culture?


According to Wikipedia, it’s the “behavior of humans within an organization and the meaning that people attach to those behaviors.” But what does that mean, and how can we create applicable principles from it?


Investopedia may have the answer. In their words: “A company's culture will be reflected in its dress code, business hours, office setup, employee benefits, turnover, hiring decisions, treatment of clients, client satisfaction, and every other aspect of operations.” It’s a conglomeration of every person hired, and is constantly growing and evolving. 


And one of the best ways to shape it is through food! Here are two ways investing in healthy snacks for work can help you shape your company’s culture.


Healthy Office Snacks Show Employees You Care

a parfait station at an office

Everyone involved in the company, from the CEO to the janitor to the newest salesman, give a lot in order to make it succeed. Their talents, mental resources, and energy are in high demand during the 8+ hours per day they spend at work. And sometimes (often despite management’s best efforts) they can feel overlooked and undervalued.


In our experience, one of the best ways to combat those feelings is to invest in healthy snacks for work. Stocking the break room with healthy, great-tasting food conveys that employee mental and physical well-being is a priority (especially when you take the time to figure out what everyone’s favorite snacks are).


We humans are simple creatures at heart. Sometimes it only takes a handful of almonds or a bowl of tasty granola to remind your employees that you care about them. While snacks don’t singlehandedly create a stellar culture, they can definitely help!


Food Builds Relationships

coworkers roasting marshmallows

Think about it. There’s a reason dinner is a part of so many dates. There’s a reason we eat cake and ice cream at parties. There’s a reason we barbecue on the 4th of July, and enjoy Thanksgiving dinner together once a year. 


It’s because food brings people together. And when office environments become busy, fast-paced, and demanding, office snacks can help people unwind a little during their breaks. 


Well-stocked office pantries have a bit of a “water cooler effect.” Back when more offices used to have water coolers, employees would often gather around them for a quick chat in between meetings and rounds of paperwork. This helped create relationships, which built camaraderie, and in turn built the company culture.


In larger organizations, the snack pantry can bring together people across departments who otherwise would probably never talk to each other. The more people know about each other, and the more connections they have, the more likely they are to genuinely care about their work - and their company as a whole. 

In the end, both employee engagement and company culture can benefit from snacks! Food has amazing power in our lives, and harnessing that power to help your company (and the people involved in it) just makes sense. 


Check out our wide selection of healthy snacks for work, and start shaping your company culture through the awesome (and tasty) power of food.


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