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Snacks As A Service (SaaS)

What Does SaaS Really Stand For? Snacks As A Service, Obviously!


The beauty of capitalism is that our business environments are always evolving - from consumer demands to the latest technology and beyond. Businesses come and go. They adapt to the rigors of a changing environment or they fade off into the sunset.

To keep up with changes, businesses often develop extremely useful (*sarcasm*) methods to hold onto their market share. Agile management. Six sigma. Matrix management. Open office space. Theory Z. Slides in the office. Any of these sound familiar?

Businesses also attempt to maintain relevancy by coming up with new buzzwords that they want each new applicant to have on their resume. AI. Blockchain. Gif. Freemium. Tribe. Disrupter. Omnichannel...

...and most importantly, SaaS.

Reportedly, the term SaaS originated as early as 2001. Intended as an acronym for the phrase 'Software as a Service', further research proves SaaS was just a new buzzword for a meaning that had already been around for years: 'Application Service Providers' or ASP.

But the true definition of this commonly misinterpreted acronym, SaaS, is far more ancient, exciting, and relatable: 'Snacks as a Service'. Though you won't find a Wikipedia article with this definition or see an IPO for a 'Snacks as a Service' unicorn anytime soon, reality of the phrase must be stated.

Snacks were introduced into the workplace long before any Application Service Providers hit the market. Workers have been snacking in cubicles (and behind store counters, and out on the farm, and while building the railroad, and while fur trapping, and exploring new continents, and fighting off explorers, and sieging cities, and hunting/gathering... you get the idea) well before computers were invented. And offices have always been a place where everyone is comfortable eating lunch in front of each other.

So Eatables would like to formally inform all of the mislabeled SaaS companies of their mistake and reclaim the title as an original and truthful Snacks as a Service business.


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