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Why The Office Snack Craze?

Why does every credible job listing include the tagline, "fully stocked kitchen" to entice candidates to apply? It seems that providing free snacks and drinks in the workplace has become the new norm. Why are companies deciding that office snacks are a better standard perk than free car washes, dog walking, or just straight cash?

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Employees have been eating in the workplace since the beginning of time. We've all seen the comedy bit of an employee hiding coveted snacks in their cubicle drawer - sneaking a quick bite when no one is around. Since the age of the cubicle, snacking in the office has come a long way. Rather than a fun perk, free office snacks for employees has become the expected norm: an anticipated amenity that will result in revolt if taken away.

Snacks in the office provide more than carbs and empty wrappers. Providing snacks in the workplace has a massive impact on company culture, lifestyle, efficiency, and loyalty. The type, variety, style, and layout of office snacks are all factors of the underlying message that a company tells its employees. Health. Lifestyle. Collaboration. Advancement. Growth. All of these and more are messages that can be portrayed through office snacks!

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A business could easily eliminate free snacks in the workplace and pay employees cash from the saved costs. But snacks provide something that cash cannot: a feeling of individuality. Though employees appreciate raises and bonuses, cash can come across without feeling or intention. For a relatively cheap price, office snacks are able to portray a sense of importance on an individual basis.

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Office snacks are considered an essential amenity of any workplace because they improve employee welfare, company culture, and give people a sense of importance.


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