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About Eatables - Granola Bag

Fresh Snacks - Worth a Smirk Or Two

At Eatables, we think that everyone should get to enjoy fresh food at an affordable price. Just about everyone can agree that snacking is awesome, so we decided to get everyone snacks that are fresh, delicious, and 100% smirk-worthy.

We sell a wide range of snacks - from chocolate covered almonds, to granola, to dried papaya. We can tell you where every product comes from and take pride in giving back to food-producing communities all over the world.

Almost all of the food you buy at the grocery store has changed hands 8-10 times before it finally hits the shelf. At Eatables, we’re able to provide fresher products because our food goes from the farm, to us, to you. That’s it! And not only are they more fresh, but they’re cheaper too!

So how did we get started?

Our Story In A “Nutshell”

Eatables began with Bob.

As is the case with many people who are just starting out, Bob had big dreams of creating a company that would make the world a better place and provide a good living for his family. It wasn’t long before his love of delicious snacks led him to become a food-preneur.

Bob first took the plunge by building a nut processing facility in California. He was very successful, and especially enjoyed getting to know the farmers that grew the food he helped distribute. (In fact, a lot of the friends he made as a broker and processor are still around, and have helped Eatables become what it is today.)

Because of his line of work, Bob got used to enjoying snacks so fresh they made him smirk. But one day, after eating some store-bought nuts that were less than fresh, he realized that the general public didn’t have access to the kind of high-quality snacks that he did. At that point, he started to wonder if it was possible to get the delicious, fresh products that he enjoyed to everyone.

Bob continued to work as a broker for the next 20 years. During that time he made lots of valuable connections and became a food expert himself. But he could never shake the idea of selling his food directly to people like you and me. And every time he ate snacks from the grocery store, he was amazed by how poorly they tasted compared to the fresh food he was used to.

Eatables Is Born

Eventually, Bob got tired of the high-priced, inferior snacks sold by grocery stores and decided to take matters into his own hands. He called his old farmer friends and bought products fresh, which he then could sell at a much lower price than grocery stores could even dream of!

Over the years, we’ve added new smirk-able snacks and continue to work with farmers all over the world - from Maine to Thailand and everywhere in between! And since we’re passionate about giving back, we put 5% of our proceeds towards helping people in need right here in the USA. We hope our delicious snacks make you smirk - and then reach for another handful.

This is our dream.

This is Eatables.

  • 1633 W Innovation Way, 5th Floor, Lehi, UT 84043
  • +1 801 210 0367‬

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