The Best 3 Sausage Stuffer


The Best 3 Sausage Stuffer

Acquiring your very own dedicated sausage stuffer is typically the last step on your journey to becoming a sausage obsessed maniac.

You’ve probably already experimented with making your own, and become frustrated with using a caulking gun or the attachment that came with your meat grinder.

In this guide, you will find the best sausage stuffers for making your sausage.

We will also explain all the different options out there, and give you some tips for using your new stuffer.

3 Best sausage stuffer reviews for 2020

  1. Hakka 7Lb/3L Sausage Stuffer

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If you want to enjoy making sausage instead of fighting with your tools, this stuffer by Hakka Brothers is our top choice.

You can choose from vertical and horizontal options and capacities ranging from 7lb– 30lb for vertical and 7lb– 15lb for horizontal.

Build quality and features don’t change, so think about how much meat you want to process. The larger the volume the more sausages you can make in a single batch without having to refill.

One thing to note, in real-world use you won’t be able to fit the exact size of meat in. On the 11lb stuffer, you might find around 9lbs.

The base, plate, cylinder, stuffing tubes, and canister are all stainless steel and all parts that contact food directly reach the SGS food hygiene standard.

The handle is well-sized, and you can switch between two different speeds depending on the position of the handle.

The base is also solid and stable. This unit won’t move around on the bench while you are stuffing.


  • Stainless steel & chrome construction
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Convenient Cylinder
  • Air Release Valve


  • Meat Catches at Elbow

The Hakka Sausage Stuffer is a reliable and efficient manual stuffer that’s ideal for daily or weekly sausage-stuffing needs.

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  1. 2. KitchenAid SSA Sausage Stuffer Kit Attachment

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Lots of serious sausage makers start with the KitchenAid meat grinder attachment + sausage kit before graduating to a dedicated grinder like the Hakka or LEM.

I wouldn’t recommend going down the KitchenAid path if you plan on making hundreds of pounds of sausage a year.

On the other hand, if you just want to dabble in making your sausage and already have a KitchenAid stand mixer, the grinder + stuffer kit is a great option.

If you buy the metal food grinder attachment, that already includes two sausage stuffing tubes, if you opt for the cheaper plastic version, you’ll need to buy these tubes separately.

This kit consists of two different stuffing tubes that measure in at 3/8 of an inch and 5/8 of an inch, respectively.

The tubes are accompanied by a plastic attachment ring to secure the tubes to the KitchenAid grinder firmly.

Each of the tubes is made of a durable plastic that is dishwasher safe to allow for easier cleaning.

The purchase also is covered with a one-year limited warranty.


  • Low Cost.
  • Easy Switching.


  • Low Capacity.
  • Can Block Easily.
  1. 3. LEM Products 1606 5-Pound Stainless Steel Vertical Sausage Stuffer

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This stuffer, like the Hakka, comes in several sizes. There are both vertical and horizontal varieties, plus motorized and manual options to choose from.

The motorized version is only available in 20 and 30-pound sizes and uses a foot pedal to control. It will set you back a lot more than the manual version but is a great option if you will be making sausage on your own.

The LEM Vertical Manual Stuffer has a cylinder that is easily removable for both filling and cleaning. You won’t have to awkwardly maneuver the stuffer around when beginning your work.

It’s got two clamps to secure the unit to your countertop and three different plastic stuffing tubes for different sizes of links.

A 2-year warranty is included that covers parts and labor. All of these aspects combine to make this stuffer well worth its asking price.


  • Cylinder.
  • Carbon steel gears.
  • Air release valve.


  • Clamps are small.
  • The handle is loose.

Do you need a sausage stuffer?

If you already own meat grinder, chances are it already includes some sausage stuffing capability.

So why spend the money on a dedicated sausage stuffer?

Meat grinders are primarily designed to grind meat (duh!) and are not shaped and specialized for loading ground meat into a sausage casing the way a stuffer is.

A dedicated sausage stuffer has advantages like:

  • It’s easier to control a sausage casing with a stuffer.
  • You can stuff more sausage, and faster, with a stuffer.
  • Stuffers are ideal for larger batches of sausage.

If you plan on eating sausage frequently, you’ll get a lot more mileage out of a sausage stuffer than you would a meat grinder.

On the other hand, if you’ll only enjoy sausage once in a while it may not be economically worthwhile to purchase the extra machine.

It all depends on your needs.

What to consider when buying a sausage stuffer.

These are the most important factors to keep in mind when choosing your ideal sausage stuffer.
Type of sausage stuffer.

There are three types of sausage stuffers you might find.

  • Horn sausage stuffers– These are always manual and are typically made of cast iron and are sometimes plated with tin or chrome to prevent them from corroding over time. Horn stuffers can usually carry between 3 to 5 pounds of sausage in a batch.
  • Horizontal sausage stuffers come in both manual and motorized variants. They usually have a much larger cylinder that can carry between 5 to 20 pounds of meat in a batch. As the cylinder is oriented sideways, sausage emerges from one side of the cylinder and is put through the other.
  • Vertical sausage stuffers are the most common and popular type available. They can be purchased in motorized or manual varieties. The stuffing cylinder is oriented top-down, with sausage emerging from the bottom of the tub out of a horizontal shoot.

Most of the sausage stuffers in this guide come in multiple sizes.

You want one that is big enough so you’re not constantly reloading, but it also needs to fit in your kitchen.

You’ll also pay extra for larger sizes.

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